Changes to SOP MARC Records

MARC Record Changes: July 2018 Onwards

Historically we’ve provided MARC records for our standing order plans approximately one month ahead of publication. However, in order achieve this our records occasionally had to omit some details or use estimates as the production process was still ongoing at the time the MARC records were being created.

From July 2018 onwards, we will be providing a second set of MARC records closer to the publication date which contain the complete and confirmed details for each title.

Our advanced, early MARC records will be referred to as Draft MARCs. Our later, accurate and complete MARCs will be referred to as Final MARCs.

When importing our records into your catalogue, if you require our accurate records you may wait until the final records are released or use the early draft records in the first instance and then overwrite these with the final MARCs at a later date.

If you require further information about this change, please contact

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