Helping borrowers make the most of your library service at home

Helping borrowers make the most of your library service at home

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation the availability of digital services is likely to become an even greater part of libraries provision.  All RBdigital services will continue to operate, including the ability to purchase new content along with full support for borrowers through our customer service channels.

At this time it is important that you share what digital services you have available to as many library users as possible as well as providing a complete service to your borrowers.

We are committed to helping you with this and have assembled the tools to make transitioning your users to digital services as simple as possible. This includes digital assets and the ability to work with  temporary library cards.

Temporary Library Cards
We are aware that as part of their COVID-19 measures some library authorities are changing or relaxing the rules they apply to the issuing of temporary library cards: if your library service does not do so already, and you wish to make your RBdigital services available to holders of temporary library cards, then please let us know immediately so that we can make the necessary changes to enable this.

Simultaneous Access for Borrowers 
Don't forget, with RBdigital, much of our content is available for your borrowers on a multi access licensing model. This means that they don't have to wait for titles to be returned by other users to check out themselves. Having this feature means that no matter how many times your users engage with RBdigital, they will always be able to find and access something they want immediately. 

New User Toolkit
To help with new users accessing RBdigital, there is a specific page where all the assets and information you need to promote your digital services can be found. Click here to browse the Digital Assets.

We will also continue to supply you with your regular social media posts on a weekly basis to allow you to continue your promotion of the service. 

If you have any other questions regarding our service, or require any extra help with promoting RBdigital, please contact our customer care team on or speak to your sales representative. 

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