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Whatever_It_Takes.jpgWhatever It Takes by Adele Parks

Narrated by Charlotte Strevens

Adele Parks' emotionally powerful new novel asks the question: are there limits as to what you'd do for love?

Eloise Hamilton is a Londoner born and bred, so it is a momentous day when she agrees to uproot to Dartmouth, leaving behind her perfect world so her husband can finally live in his. Then, when the family is thrust into unexpected turmoil, Eloise finds she is the one holding everything together - and by an ever-weakening thread. As her world implodes with the strain of being responsible for all around her, someone is bound to be overlooked. And the damage might be irreparable...

"A riveting read full of truths and tender moments." GOOD HOUSEKEEPING


A_Darker_Domain.jpgA Darker Domain by Val McDermid

Narrated by Eilidh Fraser

Val McDermid  mixes fact with fiction, dealing with one of the most important and symbolic moments in recent history.

1984. The miners' strike is dividing the country. In a struggling coal-mining town, the miners and their families are living at the edge of their resources. On the 14th of December, five miners break ranks to travel to Nottingham and work. For those who stay behind, this is an unforgivable betrayal.
Twenty-three years later, a young woman is asking the police to trace her missing father. Miner Mick Prentice vanished, never to be seen again. Soon, DI Karen Pirie and DS Phil Parharta find themselves investigating a forgotten disappearance.

"Torture, warped psyches, unspeakable cellars: Val McDermid sends you to bed with lights blazing." SUNDAY TIMES


The Haunting by Alan Titchmarsh                                                    

Narrated by Alan Titchmarsh

A story of love and betrayal, intrigue and murder. Where people are not what they seem.

How can the mysterious disappearance of Anne Flint in 1816 and the drowning of a young girl in a chalk stream so long ago possibly affect the life of schoolteacher Harry Flint some two centuries later? Having left his job and with a failed marriage behind him, Harry begins to research his ancestors. The deeper he digs, the more he realises that the past is closer than he had ever imagined…

"A perfect love story." KATIE FFORDE


The_Wrong_Girl.jpgThe Wrong Girl by David Hewson

Narrated by Saul Reichlin

She knew they would come for her. How long can she wait?

Amsterdam is bursting at the seams and the police are out in force, struggling to manage the crowds. Brigadier Pieter Vos is on duty with his young assistant, Laura Bakker, when the first grenade hits. In the chaos a young girl wearing a pink jacket is kidnapped. But she isn't the daughter of an Amsterdam aristocrat as the terrorists first thought. What is the life of one immigrant child worth in the greater political game emerging?




Warriors_Of_The_Storm-(1).jpgWarriors Of The Storm by Bernard Cornwell

Narrated by Matt Bates

Cornwell’s bestselling series on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred.

A fragile peace governs the kingdoms of Wessex, East Anglia and Mercia. Uhtred, her greatest warrior, controls the northern parts from the strongly fortified city of Chester.
The Northmen come in force under the cover of night, led by the terrifying Viking warrior, Ragnall Iverson, a fierce fighter and ruthless leader. Uhtred will stop at nothing to take back his corner of Northumbria and secure the future of Bebbanburg.

"Cornwell really makes history come alive." GEORGE R.R. MARTIN


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