The unified RBdigital app offers

  • Audiobooks, magazines and eBooks in a single mobile app
  • Significantly improved user experience and navigation
  • In-app preview, checkout, renewal and title overview for finding sought-after content
  • App notifications to patrons for user engagement and technical support
  • Simple menu structure and expanded help pages for all user levels


RBdigital brings thousands of exclusive W.F.Howes audiobook titles, as well as audiobook and eBook content from all major publishers, together with the world’s most popular library-facing magazine service—all in one mobile app. Libraries can now combine audiobooks, magazines, and eBook titles in one collection, offering the most comprehensive content.




  • Exclusivity: Discover exclusive multi-access core collections and thousands of bestsellers and genres from W.F.Howes, as well as content from other major publishers.
  • Ease of Navigation: Provide members with the ability to search a library’s featured content to find exactly what they’re looking for or to use the browsing section to discover new genres, authors, or narrators.
  • Ordering Options: Expand your library collection with a variety of simultaneous-access audiobook collections and ongoing single-access standing order plans (SOPs).





  • Current Issues: New issues are released simultaneously with print editions, and many are available for immediate download before print editions arrive at the library.
  • Always-Available Backlist: As collections grow, so does the digital backlist for anytime checkout and reading.
  • Collection Management: Using personal accounts, members can check out magazines and read them online through browsers or download them on the RBdigital app.
  • No-Limit Permanent Checkouts: Members can check out as many issues as they want and keep them in their account as long as they wish.
  • Article Search: An optional add-on feature expands access to your collection. Search for a specific article or keyword, review the results from your new and backlist collection, and then select and check out that magazine—all from within your library collection site. 





  • Quality & Variety: Select titles from hundreds of thousands of the very best in eBook bestsellers, classics, and every genre imaginable, from a wide assortment of publishers.
  • Extended Budgets: Save on eBooks with our new eBonus cashback scheme - save up to 15%




Comprehensive administrative site:

  • Access dashboards for quick review of holds, popular titles and new releases
  • Manage content display to showcase popular, newly added or thematic content
  • Run circulation and user reports
  • Order new and in-demand content
  • Set hold and circulation alerts


Customisable member interface with library branding, plus the following:

  • Free patron support
  • Free staff training
  • Free MARC records
  • EDI for audiobooks and eBooks

For more details, please call 01664 423000 or email us at rbdigital@wfhowes.co.uk

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