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Release Date:05 April 2018
Author(s): Em Lynas
Publisher:Nosy Crow
eBook (WEB231351)
ISBN: #9781788001113
Subtitle:A Book of Colour - June '93
Release Date:29 March 2018
Author(s): Derek Jarman
Genre: Arts, History
Publisher:Vintage Digital
eBook (WEB257048)
ISBN: #9781473559035
Subtitle:(A Captain Darac Novel 3)
Release Date:03 April 2018
Author(s): Peter Morfoot
Genre: Thriller
Publisher:Titan Books
eBook (WEB234337)
ISBN: #9781783296699
Release Date:19 April 2018
eBook (WEB234230)
ISBN: #9781472831545
Subtitle:a very British cookbook
Release Date:30 March 2018
Publisher:Absolute Press
eBook (WEB110131)
ISBN: #9781472935502
Release Date:02 April 2018
Author(s): Eamonn Henry
Publisher:THP Ireland
eBook (WEB228609)
ISBN: #9780750987462
Subtitle:My Two Lives with John Bellany
Release Date:19 April 2018
Publisher:Sandstone Press
eBook (WEB228572)
ISBN: #9781912240050
Subtitle:River Cottage Handbook No.16
Release Date:22 March 2018
Author(s): Steven Lamb
eBook (WEB232123)
ISBN: #9781408896570
Subtitle:(Robert Langdon Book 5)
Release Date:27 March 2018
Author(s): Dan Brown
eBook (WEB232232)
ISBN: #9781473543348
Subtitle:Get stronger, fitter and healthier for an active later life
Release Date:05 April 2018
Author(s): Harri Angell
eBook (WEB233005)
ISBN: #9781472947772
Release Date:05 April 2018
eBook (WEB233019)
ISBN: #9781785903632
Release Date:01 April 2018
Author(s): Veronica Heley
Genre: Mystery, Crime
eBook (WEB234027)
ISBN: #9781780109428
Release Date:19 April 2018
Author(s): Philip Kazan
Publisher:Allison & Busby
eBook (WEB226865)
ISBN: #9780749022037
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